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For a list of bootlegs, and other archived Jalapeno Brothers recordings from 1986 to 2001, please click here.
"Coral Bay"
Released in 2002 (Hot & Spicy Music). Produced at pipedream Records in Burlington, Vermont.
Growing "Growing"
Released in 1996 (Hot & Spicy Music).
Some of the tracks on "Growing" were recorded live at Nectar's in Burlington, Vermont, and some were recorded in the studio. The seven tracks found on the album were compiled over a two and a half year period, a culmination of hard work contributed by many.

Listen to "Growing" on Yahoo!'s Jukebox by following this link (look under 'T' for The Jalapeno Brothers).
Ride the Blinds "Ride the Blinds"
Released in 1991 (Hot & Spicy Music).
That'll Never Happen No More "That'll Never Happen No More"
Released in 1987 (Hot & Spicy Music).